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ප්‍රශ්න තොරතුරු

I have some questions regarding my relationship. Which give me huge mental pressure Actually we are in deep relationship for 2years.we are in long distance relationship. I lived in Bangladesh and he is in Malaysia for study purpose and also doing a job related to his study. I know he loves me a lot and I am also very sure about him . I made him my whole world. There is no problem from my side . But now a days he have some issues like financial n practical life for that reason he is in mental pressure and frustrated and somehow depressed Now some questions arise to him like is he really like me? Is he really sure about to marry me ? Is he ready to spent his full life with me?? This type of questions in his mind . But I know he loves me and he is loyal for me. Before we talk for more then 2hour  in a day but now we used to talk for 4/5 min in a day and some times there is a gap of 1 or 2days. I always try to contact with him now a days he don't get any interest. he gives me lot of priority,care,time but not he literally ignore me which hurts me a lot. Now help me that how can I make him loved me again ? How can I make interest for me again ?? I can't live without him . I don't want to end up this relationship . I want this relationship in future also .


Dear User,

Thank you for writing to us. 

I understand that at this point you must be upset about the status of your relationship. Since your boyfriend is facing financial pressures and stress, it maybe that he needs some time off the relationship which right now would seem as a burden or added pressure on him. Also his indication of the uncertainty of his feelings for you also shows that he probably needs a break from the relationship, as he is trying to cope with the pressures of his student and work life, which he will need to give priority to.

It would be best for you to calmly talk to him about his pressures and stresses and indicate that you can wait for him to sort out his issues. 

If he however still indicates that he wants to discontinue the relationship it is best to consider this and let him sort out his issues until he is able to fully commit to the relationship. 

I hope we have helped you.If you have any further questions please contact Yeheli again,

Always by your side,


ප්‍රශ්න අසනු ලබයි 24 May 2018 Thu 1:41 AM