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I was diagnosed with a fibroid in the lateral wall of the uterus. size is about 5 cm. 1. is there a way to cure it or control further development? 2. what are the subsequent health implications?


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Thank you for your question.

Uterine fibroid are benign conditions present in women in child bearing age, can be categorized according to the site of onset. it can be either single or multiple. Even though most of females are asymptomatic, fibroid can be associated with irregular menstrual cycles, sub-fertility and abdominal discomfort and ect.. According to you it is a 5cm single fibroid located in the lateral wall. Age of onset of thiscondition, your age, your fertility wishes are very important to decide a management plan. Actually we can cure and there are treatment options to prevent further development of a fibroid as well. There are few medical treatments (specially injections-to decrease the size of fibroid) But definitive treatment is the surgery, again there are few types of surgeries. These types & the time of the surgery depend on your age, your fertility wishes, and your fitness and specially with the Gynecologist's opinion on you. There are few non surgical alternative treatment options as well.  

Regarding health implications,

It also depends on your treatment option. For medical treatments we use chemicals which can control your body hormones. Mild symptoms like headache, abdominal pain, hot flush are common. Decrease libido, depression, vaginal dryness are also possible side effects. Bone diseases are also reported. Injection site infections also reported.

Surgery, depend on type of anesthesia we use during surgery, foe example- anesthesia related complications can cause.Specially bleeding is a common side effect, very rarely few patients end up with total removal of the uterus if bleeding persist.

Non surgical alternatives are very good options but rarely those can cause subfertility.  

It is better to discuss these all methods with your Gynecologist and decide treatment option. If you are bleeding heavily,doctor will prescribe you with some additional drugs including Iron and vitamins as well 

I hope we have helped you.

If you have any further questions please contact Yeheli again,

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