I feel sad

I feel sad

I feel sad and lonely all the time.

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When unexpected things occur or when we have to face things that we do not like, it make us sad, sometimes lonely. Also, as human beings, we experience various types of emotions throughout our life. Happiness, sadness, hope, disgust, loneliness, feeling of loss are few examples of emotions we experience daily. If you are feeling lonely and sad, you can direct yourself to do things that make you less lonely or sad. It’s good if you can think about a few activities that you can engage to manage your feelings and engage in them. Here are few pointer you could do;

• Engage in work – Think and plan of a few things that you would enjoying doing (ex: gardening, decorating etc.)

• Relax – while working you need to relax and have short breaks. (ex: you can listen to a song, watch films etc.)

• Relationships – Develop a healthy relationships with friends and family members by spending quality time with them.

If you need someone to talk to or require further guidance, please call Shanthi Margam,071-7639898. Shanthi Margam provides free counseling services.

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